My Process

My process is designed to provide well informed, objective recommendations and strategies.  I want to uncover where you are now, where you want to be, and the steps required to work towards your objective.  Remember, "People don't plan to fail, they fail because they don't plan."

Initial Meeting and Consultation

During our initial meeting, I will listen and ask questions until I understand exactly where I think I can add value.

Determine the Scope of Our Engagement

My goal after the initial meeting is to find a relationship model that works for you.  I believe that all successful relationships start with understanding how you would like to work with me.  This includes an upfront understanding and agreement about my costs and how they are based on the amount of work in developing, discussing and monitoring your financial plan.

Analyze Your Situation

In my opinion, I have both the research tools and tenure to provide an in-depth analysis on your current financial situation. By having experience in tax planning, financial planning and wealth management, I'm anticipating that you can be confident that the work I provide for you is relevant to your financial situation backed by several years worth of education and experience.

Delivering Your Plan and Recommendation

My recommended plan of action will be objective and independent from a third party.  It's all too common for financial firms to offer a "plan" for free and customize the content to lead you to their proprietary investment product.  It's a sales pitch which can devalue the importance of objective advice. My recommendations will include several options for implementation that are not tied to a single firm or product.

Implementation of Recommendations

I understand you have a choice when implementing your plan, and I want to make it clear my recommendations are not designed to lead you back to my ongoing wealth management services and portfolio management. I want you to continue your engagement with me because I was able to provide advice that was meaningful to your overall financial life instead of how well my selected investment managers performed over the last six months. With that being said, I have experienced that my clients have a higher commitment to implementing recommendations when I am retained as their life financial planners and investment consultants.

Ongoing Monitoring of Your Plan

I have the tools and technology to make sure I work with you as you navigate your financial life.  It's not acceptable for a wealth management firm to call you quarterly and focus on your asset allocation. My technology can help you manage everything, and a dedicated advisor keeps you on track over the long term and utilizes the resources in place to keep you focused.