My Fees

Basic consulting services are priced by the hour and can range anywhere from $150-$500/hour. The average maximum cost per client per year typically does not exceed $1,500, although this number has been higher in more complex reviews. I do not charge for the initial consultation.

Comprehensive planning can range anywhere from $1,500-$15,000 per client per year. There are times where I have billed more or less for planning services depending on the overall scope of engagement. Clients may appoint me to monitor their plan when their assets are held away at other firms. I do offer a retention fee that ranges between $1,500-$5,000 per client annually depending on the complexity of the estate. Again, there have been scenarios where more or less has been charged as a retention rate.

For investment management and ongoing monitoring of the financial plan, I implement a fee schedule that is billed quarterly as a percentage of assets under management:

Assets Under Management Annual Fee

Our ongoing asset management fee is .90% annually.

Frequently Asked Questions

How You Determine Your Investment Management Fee Schedule?

I have worked hard to come up with a fee schedule that included an “all-in” service structure. The challenge was to find a schedule that was fair and not entirely focused on asset management. In assessing my fee, I attempted to calculate the amount of work and cost of retention, monitoring and updating of the financial plan and reviewing the portfolio on a continual rather than a quarterly or annual basis.

The following is an approximate breakdown of those costs based on assets under management:

Comprehensive Financial Planning Services (ongoing) -                             .10%-.25%

Third Party Partnership/Research/Overseeing Asset Management-            .50%-.95%

Trading/Technology/Compliance/Cost of Doing Business Per Client-          .02%-.10%

It is not an exact science, but it is a much more concentrated effort to breakout the fee and provide some type of benchmark that helps my clients understand where the cost is associated within my ongoing wealth management services.

Does Your Fee Include Expense Ratios and Additional Manager Fees?

No. Depending on the type of strategy I use, other expenses can increase costs that are not quoted in our fee schedule. Ideally, I attempt to keep the all in costs, including expense ratios and manager fees, between 1.15% and 1.80%.