Bridging The Wealth Management Gap

Bridging The Wealth Management Gap

Does your financial advisor avoid tax questions around your investment portfolio and refer them to a CPA? Does your CPA only have time to file your tax return and not plan around investment changes? Is your estate attorney present in your finanical planning meetings and fully aware of your long term life goals?

Altere Financial, LLC was created to bridge this gap in communication between financial advisor, CPA and estate attorney.

I have been a part of the financial services industry since 2003. During this time, I've worked as a broker, branch analyst, supervisor, and—more recently—a wealth manager within a CPA firm. I have witnessed the importance of communication between financial professionals in succefully managing the preservation and transfer of client wealth.  

My Services

My Services

Financial Planning

I offer hourly and fee-based financial planning.

Asset Management  

I offer actively managed, diversified portfolios that are assesed an annual percentage fee based on the value of assets under management.

Acting as a Fiduciary

I am a practicing CFP® professional. As part of the certification process, a CFP® professional commits to the CFP® Board to act as a fiduciary—which means to act in the best interest of the client at all times when providing financial advice and financial planning. I have made a commitment to act as a fiduciary for all of my clients.